Data Centers

Data Centers

Data Centers

A central repository, Data center is the data processing and storage center. Increased efficiency is becoming more and more important as data-intense applications come online. With this, data center rack space, cable pathways, Power & cooling, installation, maintenance and risk avoidance become increasingly important considerations when planning and designing the data center.

Relight plays a key role bridging the gap between Facilities & IT Managers. Data Center systems are operated very differently from general office systems. Many times, the DC decisions (taken independently) are seem to make a lot of sense, but go against good engineering principles and practices, resulting in poor Data Center performance.

We understand the Data Center inside out and help DC customers on all aspects of design consultancy that includes,

Electrical Systems

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Power Systems & Distribution

Mechanical systems

  • Air Conditioning
  • Cooling – IT Systems

Space Planning and Architectural Considerations

Fire Protection & Physical Security

  • Life Safety Systems

Telecommunications and Network systems

  • Carrier Services
  • Copper. Fiber Optic Cabling & Pathways
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Project Management