Electronic Safety & Security

Electronic Safety & Security

Electronic Safety & Security

The new generation building ICT infrastructure integrates with services like Surveillance, Video Management, Analytics, Access Control, Perimeter Security, Fire Safety & Building Management Systems. Today’s digital Building Management systems have come a long way from traditional (device focused) proprietary arrangements to IP based ELV systems that run on Converged Network. Presently, the paradigm has started shifting towards converged collaboration where focus is on “Applications”.

Our expertise in IP, ELV and BMS with specialized skill sets has boosted our confidence to design the SMART “Safety and Security” solutions.

Our solutions cover the complete security lifecycle, from strategy through to due diligence, design, implementation and ongoing support. Our understanding of the convergence of IT and Physical Security Builds a unique capability in our team to provide our clients fully comprehensive and advanced security solutions.

  • Access Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Alarm and Detection

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